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Baton Rouge’s Art Scene Has A Lot To Offer

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Louisianna Art

If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll be right at home in Baton Rouge. The art scene is absolutely vibrant in Baton Rouge with some truly world-class exhibits you can’t afford to miss when you’re in town. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or you have an eye for the modern, the city boasts a range of art museums featuring artists ranging from the all-time masters to promising local talent.

What are some of the best art exhibits in Louisiana’s capital city? Our favorites include:

• Baton Rouge Gallery
• LSU Museum of Art
• Shaw Center for the Arts
• Manship Theater
• Louisiana Art and Science Museum
• Louisiana Mud Painting Gallery
• Louisiana Pottery Museum

But that’s not all the Baton Rouge art scene has to offer. The first Saturday of each month you can check out the Baton Rouge Arts Market, featuring some of the best local artists in the city selling their works. In addition, there are several art festivals throughout the year, like the Houmas House Art Festival, FestforAll, and Oak Alley Art Festival.

You can also enjoy the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, the Buddy Stewart Memorial Music Foundation & Rhythm Museum, and catch local acts perform at places like Haven Gallery & Listening Room.
Simply put, there’s something to satisfy the art lover in everybody who visits Baton Rouge. So, the next time you come stay at Bocage Plantation, take advantage of the amazing opportunity to soak in the local art scene.