5 Commonly Forgotten Items to Pack on Your Trip to a Louisiana Bed and Breakfast

There’s nothing more frustrating than going on vacation, arriving at your destination, and finding out that you forgot to pack an important item that you really need. It’s hard to remember everything when packing. That’s why it’s a good idea to make a checklist and start packing early. When making your checklist, don’t forget to include these 5 important items.

1. Extra shoes—You have to take care of your feet while traveling. Make sure you have shoes that are good for walking as well as a pair of nicer shoes for if you decide to go to a fancy dinner or show.
2. Pen and paper—There are many good reasons to keep a small notebook and pen on hand when traveling. First, you may wish to document your travels, so you can look back on the memories one day. You may also need to write down tour times or contact information that you can’t afford to forget.
3. Shopping bag—Planning on doing some shopping while at your Louisiana bed and breakfast? It’s a good idea to bring a nice tote bag along with you for storing all the souvenirs and other items you buy while you’re out. That way, you’re not lugging around several bags from different stores.
4. Medications—If you have any prescription medications that you need to take, make absolutely certain that you pack them up.
5. Hand sanitizer—It’s very easy to get sick when you’re out traveling. Think about it. You’re probably walking around to a lot of different places and touching different things. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you to fight off those germs.

What are some of the items you can’t do without when traveling?

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