Can You Trust Baton Rouge Bed and Breakfast Review Websites?

Before you book a stay at a Baton Rouge bed and breakfast, you’ll probably look around online for any reviews from guests. Online review websites for hotels and bed and breakfasts have become very popular. Consumers are more informed than ever before, and by spending just a few minutes reading about the experiences of other guests, they can decide whether or not they want to book a stay at the bed and breakfast they’re considering.
But can you really trust what you find on these consumer review websites?
Most simply stated: yes and no.
Without a doubt, it’s always a good idea to do your research when booking a stay at a Baton Rouge bed and breakfast. The more information you have at your disposal, the less likely it is that you’ll stay at a place you aren’t satisfied with.
And for the most part, the online reviews left by past guests contain useful information that will help guide your decision. But there are some things you have to remember when reading these reviews.

• Don’t put too much stock into any single review—Rather than focusing your attention on any single review—whether positive or negative—you should consider all of the reviews together. Look for common themes throughout the reviews. If people seem to all be complaining or praising a specific thing about the bed and breakfast, that’s a sign that what they’re saying is probably true.
• Unhappy guests are far likelier to post reviews—It’s a known fact. Unhappy customers are much more vocal about their experiences than satisfied customers. That’s why many review websites tend to lean heavily toward negative comments. Keep this in mind when reading reviews. You may not be getting the full story.
• Competitors may try to trash another establishment’s reputation—They say all is fair in love and war, but sometimes, competing hotels and bed and breakfasts go too far. Some competitors have actually tried leaving false reviews for other establishments in order to drive customers away.

If you’re going to read reviews before booking, just remember the information in this article. Consider the source, use the information you have to make a sound decision, and always remember that you may not be getting both sides of the story.

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