Louisiana Weddings at a Historic Bed and Breakfast

With over 200 years of history, Bocage Plantation is the ideal venue for all types of Louisiana weddings.

Whether you’re looking for a small, intimate wedding or a large gathering with all your family and friends, the historic Bocage Plantation is the ideal setting for all types of Louisiana weddings. What couple wouldn’t want to celebrate the best day of their lives at a National Historic Landmark with a romantic and gorgeous backdrop?
Here are just a few of the top reasons you and your partner should consider booking your Louisiana wedding at Bocage Plantation.

* All types of Louisiana weddings can be hosted here. Whether your wedding just has you and a few family members or you need to accommodate a huge crowd, Bocage Plantation is flexible enough to meet all your needs. From themed weddings to traditional weddings, Bocage Plantation can play host to any and all types of Louisiana weddings.
* Bocage Plantation has all the accommodations your family needs, and it’s close to other hotels for friends. The Bocage Plantation welcomes your wedding guests with open arms. Whether your family members want to make a trip out of it and stay at the bed and breakfast or they wish to stay at one of the numerous chain hotels located just minutes away, all the amenities your guests need are at their fingertips.
* You can use your own wedding planner. Bocage Plantation allows you to use your own wedding coordinator so you can plan a wedding that truly suits your taste. This allows you to use someone you know and trust to plan the greatest day of your life.
* A gorgeous wedding destination at a reasonable price. Unlike other gorgeous destination for Louisiana weddings, Bocage Plantation is actually very affordable to book. It’s a historic, beautiful locale that’s unlike any other place you can find.

Planning Louisiana Weddings
Want to make your wedding day one to remember? Of course you do. When planning your wedding, just follow these simple tips.

* Come visit Bocage Plantation. Not sure if Bocage Plantation is the right destination for your wedding? You can schedule an appointment to tour the home and grounds to make sure you’ve found the right wedding venue.
* Choose the menu you love. Bocage Plantation also has many different wedding menus to choose from so you can create the menu that you and your guests will love.
* Don’t stress. Everything will be fine. No matter which of the Louisiana weddings you decide to choose, you just need to remember to relax and have a great time. This is your day. Don’t stress out over all the tiny details.

No matter what type of Louisiana weddings you plan on having, you’re sure to have a great time when you book it at Bocage Plantation.

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