The Benefits of Bed and Breakfasts Rich in Heritage

Many bed and breakfasts offer comfortable amenities, fine dining, and quiet accommodations that allow you to relax and let off some steam. But how many B&B’s offer a unique cultural experience that descends from long lines of family lineage and locally made antique furniture? Bocage Plantation offers all of the above and specializes in providing a B&B setting similar to that found in the manor originally.

Louis Arthur Colomb and his wife, Mathilde de Lauzon Thibaut, constructed Bocage between 1835 and 1837. The Colombs were a wealthy couple and belonged to a larger, influential family known as the Bringiers. The Bringiers owned several plantations along River Road and had a lot of political power in Louisiana during the first half of the 19th-century. They no doubt would have furnished Bocage elegantly with the finest antiques.

The current owner of Bocage, Marion Rundell, has furnished Bocage in much the same way, allowing you to take a step back in time. Sit in the parlor furniture, made the Meeks brothers in the 1840s and modeled after furniture found at Stanton Hall in Natchez, Mississippi, and hold court just as the original owners would have. Relax in beds made by Prudent Mallard and Charles Lee, famous New Orleans furniture makers who supplied many plantation homes in Louisiana with exceptional furniture in the decades before the Civil War. Take in the view from the upper gallery, just as the Colombs did after a long day of work.

Bocage is unique because of it’s rich cultural heritage found throughout the house in the furniture, the architectural details, and the Creole influence that pervades the home. Although the plantation no longer produces sugar, remnants of its past still dot the landscape, taking the form of brick ruins. What you find at Bocage is a living heritage that is hard to find at many other bed and breakfasts. If you want to experience the comforts of plantation life in the antebellum, Bocage Plantation is the bed and breakfast for you.

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