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The Best Free and Cheap Things to do in Baton Rouge While Staying at Bocage Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

If you’re planning a visit to our Louisiana bed and breakfast, we encourage you to set aside a little time to explore Baton Rouge while you’re here. There are lots of neat things to do in Baton Rouge, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot (or anything, in some cases) to do them.
Check out this list of some of our favorite free and low cost things to do in Baton Rouge:

• Visit the Old Louisiana State Capital—This National Historic Landmark is a Gothic architectural gem located in downtown Baton Rouge, next to the Mississippi River. It houses the Old State Capitol Museum of Political History, which contains many interesting and educational exhibits. Open Tuesday-Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm, the museum is free.
• Check out the Louisiana Art & Science Museum—This remarkable museum is housed in a historic railroad depot on the banks of the Mississippi River. Visitors of all ages will find the constantly changing exhibits exciting and educational. The museum is free for college students with an ID, and it’s also free for members of the Louisiana Association of Museums. For other guests, admission prices are very affordable.
• Explore the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center—With an admission price of just $3 for adults ages 18-64 (and cheaper for other ages), the 103-acre Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center has remarkable live animal exhibits, natural artifact and mineral displays, ecology and art exhibits, and so much more. You can explore varied habitats and see beautiful wildlife throughout the site.
• Relax at the Baton Rouge Beach—Located on LSU Lake, this beautiful beach and pier offers the perfect spot for a little relaxation. There’s plenty of space to walk around the lake, jog, play, or just take it easy near the lake. The park is well maintained and always beautiful.

Bocage Plantation is perfectly situated for a quick trip to Baton Rouge. If you’re looking for more exciting things to do while you stay at our Louisiana bed and breakfast, our staff will gladly provide you with some great recommendations. We want you to have a memorable time when you stay with us!

Things to do when You Stay at Bocage Plantation Louisiana Bed & Breakfast

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Planning a visit to Bocage Plantation? There are a lot of great things to do when you stay at our Louisiana bed & breakfast, so we’ve come up with a list of a few of our favorites.

• Tour our historic plantation—Bocage Plantation is steeped in history. When you’re here, it’s almost like you’ve been transported to a different time and place. Our plantation is magnificent, and there’s plenty to look at and a lot of great history to discover. We also have fine antiques and furnishings and paintings from world-famous artists. There’s so much to see and do when you tour and stay at Bocage!
• Enjoy delicious food and drink—When you stay at Bocage Plantation, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast to start your day, great evening snacks, a glass of wine on your arrival, and plenty of food and drink throughout your stay. Not to mention, you’re in Louisiana, home to some of the finest cuisine in the world. There are so many great restaurants in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and throughout the area. You’re always sure to have a great meal.
• Explore great local attractions—You don’t have to spend all of your time on our 100-acre plantation. Take advantage of your time here and go check out some of the great local attractions around Bocage Plantation. There’s plenty to do and see for visitors of all ages.
• Visit New Orleans—Bocage is situated conveniently between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, so you can’t come here without making a visit to The Big Easy. New Orleans has amazing restaurants and plenty of entertainment options. We highly recommend taking the time to explore this great city when you come stay at our Louisiana plantation bed and breakfast.
• Relax—Most importantly, we want you to relax and enjoy your stay here at Bocage Plantation. You’ll be in some of the most beautiful, peaceful surroundings you can imagine, so take the time to unwind and recharge your batteries during your stay.

Have a question about Bocage Plantation? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Top Reasons to Stay at a Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Near LSU Stadium

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

LSU’s football and baseball programs are some of the most popular in the country. The teams are regularly ranked toward the top of the polls, and their success has earned them a huge base of loyal fans.

LSU’s home games are regularly sold out, and a lot of people travel from out of town to see them perform. If you find yourself coming to the Baton Rouge area to watch a Tigers game, you’re going to need a place to stay. Before you book a stay at one of the big chain hotels, consider doing something different. Consider the benefits of staying at a Baton Rouge bed and breakfast.
Why stay at a B&B in Louisiana?

• It’s convenient—When you come into town to see an LSU football game, you want to make sure you have somewhere to stay that’s fairly close to the stadium. A historic bed and breakfast, like Bocage Plantation, gives you convenient access to the stadium, so you can get to the game easily. Convenience is very important when choosing your bed and breakfast in Louisiana.
• You can enjoy a great meal—You can’t go to Louisiana without enjoying some great food during your visit. While you should certainly take the time to visit some of the amazing restaurants in Baton Rouge and down the road in New Orleans, you can also enjoy a great start to your day with an amazing breakfast at your Louisiana B&B. A top bed and breakfast, like Bocage Plantation, will serve up a hearty, healthy breakfast that fills you up and delights your taste buds.
• You’ll enjoy peaceful surroundings—LSU football has fans across the country, and Baton Rouge gets packed with visitors when there’s a game. The chain hotels around LSU get filled up with football fans quickly, but if you stay in a quaint bed and breakfast nearby, you can enjoy some peace and quiet while you’re in town for the game. It’s a great way to get away from the crowds and the noise without going far from LSU stadium at all.
• You can get a great value on your stay—Bed and breakfasts offer an excellent value for travelers. When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you’re not just paying for lodging. You also get to enjoy great cooking, and you can enjoy all the history and beauty that is on display at a Louisiana bed and breakfast like Bocage Plantation. Talk about a great bang for your buck!
• It’s an experience like no other—Staying at a bed and breakfast is so much different from staying at a hotel. And every bed and breakfast is unique. You just can’t compare the experience to anything else. If you stay at a historic Louisiana bed and breakfast like Bocage Plantation, you can experience history and romance during your stay. It will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life as you’re transported to another era.

The next time you’re in town for an LSU football or baseball game, consider staying at a historic Louisiana bed and breakfast!

Bocage is the Perfect Place to Stay When You’re in Town for an LSU Football or Baseball Game

Monday, January 21st, 2013

There’s nothing quite like seeing an LSU football or baseball game in person. LSU’s football and baseball programs are some of the best in the country, and the teams have been fixtures among the top-ranked teams in recent seasons. Not surprisingly, there are fans of the teams around the country, and the home games are always sold out, with many fans traveling from out of city and out of state to see the teams play.

If you’re planning on coming into town to see an LSU game (which we highly recommend!), Bocage Plantation is the perfect place for you to stay during your trip.
We’re located about 20 minutes from Baton Rouge on the East Bank of the Great River Road. Our 100-acre plantation will transport you back to another time as you enjoy the all the history and romantic charm it offers. You’ll also love the peaceful surroundings, and you’ll be surprised that somewhere so beautiful and quiet can be so close to all the action at LSU.

While you’re here, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, tour our historic plantation, and marvel at all of the beautiful antiques and antique furniture in this magnificent mansion. You’ll dive right into the rich cultural history of the area, and your stay will be an experience that you can cherish for years to come.
LSU football, LSU baseball and Bocage Plantation. Now that’s a winning combination!

Top 4 Things to Consider When Searching for a Louisiana B&B

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Louisiana has hundreds of small bed and breakfasts throughout the state, especially along historic River Road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Sometimes it can be hard to pick the right one for your trip, so here are a few things to consider when searching for Louisiana B&B’s:

1. Type of Experience: Many B&B’s operate out of historic homes that have been restored to their past grandeur, while others are larger commercial ventures with cottages on site for you to stay in. Make sure to take into account what kind of experience you desire the most: the true feeling of what it was like to live and stay in historic home/plantation or a more contemporary accommodation.

2. Weather: Louisiana is located in the Deep South of the United States and experiences long, hot, humid summers as well as frequent hurricanes. If you are not prepared for either, they can provide a less than pleasant experience during your trip. The best times to visit Louisiana are in the spring and the fall, with winter a close second, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly if hot weather is not for you.

3. Location: The itinerary of your trip will play a large factor into which B&B you choose. If you plan to spend several days in New Orleans, a B&B in the city would be a good choice. If you plan to tour plantation country, go on swamp tours, or make short trips to towns such as Breaux Bridge, Baton Rouge, St. Martinsville, etc., a centrally located River Road B&B is a better choice for you.

4. Amenities: Not all B&B’s are built alike. Because each B&B is a small business, they all provide varying degrees of amenities and quality of service. For instance, Bocage Plantation offers several high-end amenities (terry cloth bathrobes, steam showers with double shower heads, Lord & Mayfair bath amenities, and more) that most Baton Rouge or New Orleans B&B’s do not.

A trip to Louisiana is a unique experience. Our state offers a long list of incomparable attractions and quality inns to stay at. Make sure to research activities and accommodations before you visit to ensure that your Louisiana vacation is the trip of a lifetime!

Healthy B&B Breakfast to Start Your Day

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

There are two key aspects of a bed and breakfast that come to mind when one is planning a stay: the beds and the breakfast. As a general rule of thumb, you can always count on the bed and breakfast your staying at with providing you some kind of breakfast in the morning, whether it be a continental buffet or a made-to-order plate. Bocage Plantation’s bed and breakfast is no different from most B&B’s in regards to serving breakfast in the morning, but it is in a much higher category in terms of the quality of your food and the beauty of the dining room setting. When you stay at this historic antebellum sugar plantation, you are treated to many fine comforts that you cannot find at other B&Bs, and breakfast is certainly one of them. We offer a full, made-to-order breakfast every morning, cooked with the healthiest ingredients and served on graceful Limoges, Aynsley, Kobalt, and other famous antique patterns. The dining room table is set in the same fashion that it would have been during the antebellum period. Homemade blueberry pancakes are our specialty and are all the reason you need to book a stay at Bocage, not to mention the exquisite furnishings, rich history, and excellent service. Anything you order on our menu is sure to fill you up and get your day started on the right foot. Breakfast at Bocage Plantation is a special experience, one that is unrivaled by other bed and breakfasts. Don’t miss out!

The Perfect Plantation Tour to Fill A Summer Afternoon

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Summer is here and you may be looking for ways to get out of the office or the house and enjoy the sunshine. Bocage Plantation is a great way to break up the afternoon monotony, offering tours from 12-5pm every afternoon, Wednesday through Sunday. This mid-1830s antebellum sugar plantation is rich in history, having been built and owned by the Colombs, one of the preeminent Creole families in old Louisiana. The Colombs were also closely related to the Bringiers (in fact, Bocage was a wedding gift from Marius Pons Bringier to his daughter, Francoise, and her new husband, Christophe Colomb, in 1801), who were perhaps the most influential Creole family in Louisiana during the 19th-century. But Bocage is not only a rich cultural site today; it is furnished with period mid-19th century antiques, boasting pieces by Mallard, Roux, Belter, and several other notable furniture makers from that time period. The daily tours of this historic manor highlight the elegant furnishings and also focus on the architectural heritage, uniqueness, and recent restoration. A tour of Bocage will give you an accurate account of what life was like on an antebellum sugar plantation, a glimpse of how a stately Greek Revival mansion would have been furnished, and an in-depth look into the manor’s distinct architectural style. With all there is to see and experience at Bocage, why sit inside and miss it? Louisiana’s celebrated history is waiting for you.

The Perfect Bed and Breakfast Base to Enjoy New Orleans Festivals and Events

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
New Orleans has a thriving, vibrant festival and event scene, hosting dozens of local festivals throughout the year which attract millions of visitors to the city to enjoy delicious local cuisine, music, and entertainment. It can often be hard to find quality accommodations in New Orleans where you can recharge your batteries because of the large number of people who travel to the city to take part in these exciting events. Bocage Plantation’s bed and breakfast is the perfect alternative! Located just outside New Orleans on historic River Road, Bocage offers a peaceful, serene setting away from the crowds where you can get a good night’s sleep in our antique beds with custom mattresses, a refreshing shower in our steam showers, and a hearty made-to-order breakfast to give you a boost of energy to start your day off on the right foot. New Orleans’ festivals can often be a draining experience, as most of them are all day events held outdoors in the hot sun. The rocking chairs on Bocage’s shady front gallery are a great place to sit and rest your tired feet after a long day of walking and standing outside. Book a stay at Bocage Plantation’s bed and breakfast and you will be able to get the most out of your New Orleans’ festival experience!

A Relaxing Baton Rouge Bed and Breakfast Experience

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

For most people, the purpose of taking a vacation is leave their troubles at home in search of calming location to rest up and recharge their batteries or to sight see in an interesting new locale. Bocage Plantation offers guests an opportunity to hit both of those birds with one stone. This Baton Rouge bed and breakfast is situated in the quiet countryside, just south of Baton Rouge, on the banks of the Mississippi River. The pastoral setting around Bocage is the perfect place for repose in a rocking chair on the front gallery. Complimentary wine and hors d’oeurves only add to the relaxing ambiance at this historic bed and breakfast! However, if you are in search of the sights and sounds of both Baton Rouge and south Louisiana, Bocage Plantation is perfectly situated to several other attractions that will keep you entertained for days on end, including but not limited to: swamp tours, historic sites, concerts and festivals, and the finest dining establishments that this region has to offer. Book a stay at Bocage Plantation, and in return you will capture the best Baton Rouge bed and breakfast experience around, no matter what your vacation intentions are!

A Scenic Drive on the Historic River Road

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Thinking about taking a trip to Louisiana and looking for ways to fill your itinerary? Look no further than the historic River Road, located in the heart of Louisiana’s antebellum plantation country. River Road winds along the banks of the Mississippi River and is one of the oldest roads in the state. This fabled road extends for about 70 miles from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Nestled in between dense fields of sugar cane on both sides are famed Greek Revival and Creole plantations mostly built by wealthy planters between 1750 and 1861.

A drive along River Road is the perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon outside of New Orleans or Baton Rouge. There are enough plantations to tour to fill up an entire weekend, most notably Bocage Plantation, an impressive American Greek Revival plantation built between 1835 and 1837, as well as plenty of local restaurants that serve authentic Cajun cuisine.

If one afternoon is not enough time for you to soak in the mystique of times past, book a stay at Bocage Plantation’s bed and breakfast and spend a whole weekend exploring every mile of River Road’s stately plantations. River Road is more than a two-lane blacktop; it is a road that has been traveled by generations of Cajuns, Creoles, and Louisianans, and their presence emanates around every turn. Take a trip down River Road and you will take a trip into the past.