Why Stay at a Historic Louisiana Bed and Breakfast?

Luxurious plantation bed and breakfast offers a memorable experience that’s far different from its peers

When you think of bed and breakfast, you may think of quaint, modest homes where you can get a decent night’s sleep and a good breakfast in the morning before continuing down the road on your vacation. But the opening of a new, luxurious Louisiana bed and breakfast is shattering this old perception. The truth is the bed and breakfast industry has changed quite a bit over the years, and today, you can find exquisite bed and breakfast accommodations in historic mansions, where you and your loved one get to live like royalty.

As an example, Bocage Plantation was a historic property in Louisiana that had been ignored for many years.Recently, a Houston pathologist decided he wanted to purchase the property and restore it to its full former plantation beauty. The new owner of the historic 1837 mansion worked tirelessly to restore the historic house to its former splendor, and now it’s a Louisiana plantation B&B where guests can relax in an elegant setting and tour the beautiful house.

With the ushering in of this new, elegant bed and breakfast concept, many travelers will be wondering whether they should stay in a hotel or at a plantation bed and breakfast. Here are just a few of the advantages of staying at a historic Louisiana bed and breakfast like the Bocage Plantation.

* A unique experience—Let’s face it: Even the finest hotels are a little boring. Every hotel is basically the same, and it gets old after a while. Staying at a historic, upscale Louisiana bed and breakfast gives you an experience like no other. It’s like you’re traveling back in time to live like the 19th century elite. Luxurious period furniture and decorations take you to a totally different world, making the bed and breakfast more of a destination than just a place you go to rest at night.
* All the amenities you desire—When you stay at an elegant Louisiana plantation B&B like the Bocage Plantation, you’ll enjoy the finest amenities. From a full, hearty breakfast that’s made to order to high-speed Internet, everything you’d expect at a fine hotel is available in this unique, historic setting.
* A more intimate setting—Perhaps the top advantage of staying at a plantation bed and breakfast is that you aren’t surrounded by hundreds of other guests. The charm of the bed and breakfast is the intimate, romantic setting you and your loved one get to enjoy. It’s peaceful and relaxing, like living in your own 19th century mansion with staff who truly treat you like the special guest you are.

Make your next vacation one you’ll never forget by staying in a historic Louisiana bed and breakfast.


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