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Things to do when You Stay at Bocage Plantation Louisiana Bed & Breakfast

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Planning a visit to Bocage Plantation? There are a lot of great things to do when you stay at our Louisiana bed & breakfast, so we’ve come up with a list of a few of our favorites.

• Tour our historic plantation—Bocage Plantation is steeped in history. When you’re here, it’s almost like you’ve been transported to a different time and place. Our plantation is magnificent, and there’s plenty to look at and a lot of great history to discover. We also have fine antiques and furnishings and paintings from world-famous artists. There’s so much to see and do when you tour and stay at Bocage!
• Enjoy delicious food and drink—When you stay at Bocage Plantation, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast to start your day, great evening snacks, a glass of wine on your arrival, and plenty of food and drink throughout your stay. Not to mention, you’re in Louisiana, home to some of the finest cuisine in the world. There are so many great restaurants in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and throughout the area. You’re always sure to have a great meal.
• Explore great local attractions—You don’t have to spend all of your time on our 100-acre plantation. Take advantage of your time here and go check out some of the great local attractions around Bocage Plantation. There’s plenty to do and see for visitors of all ages.
• Visit New Orleans—Bocage is situated conveniently between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, so you can’t come here without making a visit to The Big Easy. New Orleans has amazing restaurants and plenty of entertainment options. We highly recommend taking the time to explore this great city when you come stay at our Louisiana plantation bed and breakfast.
• Relax—Most importantly, we want you to relax and enjoy your stay here at Bocage Plantation. You’ll be in some of the most beautiful, peaceful surroundings you can imagine, so take the time to unwind and recharge your batteries during your stay.

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Top Reasons to Stay at a Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Near LSU Stadium

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

LSU’s football and baseball programs are some of the most popular in the country. The teams are regularly ranked toward the top of the polls, and their success has earned them a huge base of loyal fans.

LSU’s home games are regularly sold out, and a lot of people travel from out of town to see them perform. If you find yourself coming to the Baton Rouge area to watch a Tigers game, you’re going to need a place to stay. Before you book a stay at one of the big chain hotels, consider doing something different. Consider the benefits of staying at a Baton Rouge bed and breakfast.
Why stay at a B&B in Louisiana?

• It’s convenient—When you come into town to see an LSU football game, you want to make sure you have somewhere to stay that’s fairly close to the stadium. A historic bed and breakfast, like Bocage Plantation, gives you convenient access to the stadium, so you can get to the game easily. Convenience is very important when choosing your bed and breakfast in Louisiana.
• You can enjoy a great meal—You can’t go to Louisiana without enjoying some great food during your visit. While you should certainly take the time to visit some of the amazing restaurants in Baton Rouge and down the road in New Orleans, you can also enjoy a great start to your day with an amazing breakfast at your Louisiana B&B. A top bed and breakfast, like Bocage Plantation, will serve up a hearty, healthy breakfast that fills you up and delights your taste buds.
• You’ll enjoy peaceful surroundings—LSU football has fans across the country, and Baton Rouge gets packed with visitors when there’s a game. The chain hotels around LSU get filled up with football fans quickly, but if you stay in a quaint bed and breakfast nearby, you can enjoy some peace and quiet while you’re in town for the game. It’s a great way to get away from the crowds and the noise without going far from LSU stadium at all.
• You can get a great value on your stay—Bed and breakfasts offer an excellent value for travelers. When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you’re not just paying for lodging. You also get to enjoy great cooking, and you can enjoy all the history and beauty that is on display at a Louisiana bed and breakfast like Bocage Plantation. Talk about a great bang for your buck!
• It’s an experience like no other—Staying at a bed and breakfast is so much different from staying at a hotel. And every bed and breakfast is unique. You just can’t compare the experience to anything else. If you stay at a historic Louisiana bed and breakfast like Bocage Plantation, you can experience history and romance during your stay. It will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life as you’re transported to another era.

The next time you’re in town for an LSU football or baseball game, consider staying at a historic Louisiana bed and breakfast!